Friday, January 31, 2014

Last Miworld clothing piece! Question and Answer

So this time it isnt a quiz! Piper gave it to us in Mya's birthday party! if you haven't gotten it yet here's the unit!
the name of the unit is 'Sweet Suprise' and it's owned by MaxWooz!!! The prizes are the Piper hair and when you wear the full outfit, you turn into a giant lollipop! Here's the question and answer:

Q: whats the mi worlds sweet factory unitz logo?
A: f

and you click the shopping bag to get the lollipop head!!

-Rawr :3

New Outfits

Hey guys it's me Gen so how ya'll well anyway I here there is this new outfit thing to defeat Kount Von Kloks any more deats soon.

Woozen outfit of the day!

Hey guys! Cydnie, signing in! So I realize I forgot to cutest woozen outfit of the day in my last post..opps..heh? This award goes to becky-boo13! :D Congrats, Becky.

Cydnie, signing out!!

Woozworld gummy bear song

ROFL! i love this!! Thx JUST-A-GIRL for this funny video XD

yeti army???

Hey Everyone!! So i guess theres ANOTHER war, Woozband Vs Kountvonklokz.

They even came out with The BRAND NEW woozsavers line!! Can't wait to get them!!

BYE! (sign-off is being made xD)

Super Hero Quiz

I read your Post Stargloss25. Perfectly Fine about the tags :) ,

Anyways Here are the Super Hero Answers.

1. Spider-man
5.Lois Lane
6.Iron Man
7.Captain America
8.The Punisher
9.Fantastic Four
10.Ghost Rider

I am not sure what the prize is Since I just asked my friend in real for it  :3.

Tags: Super , Hero , Quiz,  Spider Man,  Answer.


Holly-xoxo quit?

Hey guys! So, Cydnie signing in! c; So guys, how are you? Good? Bad? In the middle? Well, if your good, fantastic! If your bad..I'm sorry, feel better soon! Medium, um, what's wrong..?  Anyways guys, the one and only Holly-xoxo quit! D: Picture-- she's incredibly funny, and I get she may be offensive or mature sometimes, but I just wanted to make this blog post in memory of her, and her funny videos that she's done with her friends. --Cydnie, signing out.


Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hehe, sorry for my little 'outburst' earlier, but if you were in my shoes you would totally understand. TT__TT

Just a quick reminder about the Woozworld Enchanted 10,000 Views Contest. Click the picture labelled 'Contest Reminders' down the right side of the blog for more information. This is also an update on the rules regarding that contest.

COMPETITION START DATE IS NOT UNTIL FEBRUARY 1st 12:00AM PST (Pasific Standard Time). ANY ENTRIES BEFORE THEN ARE NOT VALID. If you have already posted on my wall, you may remove your post and retry at a later date. ALL ENTRIES AFTER FEBRUARY 14th 12:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) ARE ALSO INVALID AND DISCOUNTED AS ELLIGIBLE ENTRIES.

Please re-read the rules and guidlines properly before entering a contest.

Prizes have not all been decided yet, but will be probably be posted tomorrow. c;



Guidlines have been updated, so click the 'Join Us' page to read through them thoroughly. If tags are not added after this post, admins MAY choose to stop your trial and revoke your invitation as a full-time blogger, or delete your post and prolong your trial period.

When you finish your trial and are accepted as a blogger, tags and labels are no longer needed, although we suggest you add your name at the end of each post so people know who is talking to them.

my facts: kitulo

HEY PEOPLE!!! just looking at the blog and noticed all the bloggers are doing facts about them so I thought why don't I do it to well here it goes: favorite game: woozworld  favorite color: blue favorite type of movie: horror. I love the internet! im either on the internet or going to school. lol anyway im kinda like a boy I guess. I don't mind getting dirty and I love gaming so.. anyway see ya. -kitulo <3 xox

Regular Day(Read to see giveaway)

Oh Well its a regular Day :O
Well Welcome  Cydnie,
Anyways, The StormieInterView Went really well. 
I have a question. Who do you guys want me to interview? If its possible also. 
I asked Ripleyw and she sadly said no :( 
Btw Here is Some facts about me.
My favorite color Is Purple.
My favorite Games are: Woozworld, Animal Jam, Chicken Smoothie and Wizard101
Also  I am  giving a giveaway. 
Just message me  Woozworld Enchanted :D And i will pick the random person out of a generator  If the person doesnt claim their prize oh well  The giveawya ends this Saturday  Lol ,Lately A lot of people Is all like "Beeex" , Well hate to break it SAVE YOUR BEEX for something actual Good. 
Also If you didn't notice , if you win clothing on the daily spin and its not your level you have to level to to get it. 
 Btw is the Rumors True that Deadmau5 is sellable? I am not sure o.o
If you want to see some Interviews and want to see them Live My unitz is  Keys To interview. 



Hey guys! Cydnie, signing in!
So..I'm kinda new to this blog. First post, whoop whoop! I wanna tell you a bit about me, if that will do?
My favorite color is green, Woozworld is my favorite game, I'm a gamer and an internet kid. Interesting huh? I love game cube. Game cube is best. Also, time for our..Favorite woozen outfit of the day!!! Today's award goes to...: Zola!
 This outfit is adorable. Anyways guys, see you later! Cydnie, signing out!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All wooztesters

so here are all the wooztesters :) they're the old/newish names so they could have changed

1. TropicZ
2. Em-beta-test
3. Lily101y
4. Alec-Star
5. Brianna01
6. Mermanda
7. XxBerryBearxX
8. jamie072
9. lisandraclara
10. shelby956
11. xxxFallenAngel
12. zelda989
13. XxAngelXD
14. Cutefunnynewgirl
15. -SkylarWzwTester
16. adrianaawashere
17. agentblue10
18. alix446
19. Aspenia
20. beauty280h
21. Caceymama
22. CandieApplez
23. CuppyCakes-
24. cutedizzyway
25. cuzimcute
26: dimondka
27. ezhuZ
29. jacccylen
30. JerseyGirlTester
31. Laceyz
32. missgolden
33. Sophiecutewon
34. TiigerLilly
35. WzW-Tester-Best
36. xxZoella
37. ZoeMaclean



OK, so alot of you read maxwooz's post on the new woozguides. If you didnt,

the new woozguides are.......






Stormie Skye's InterView With me

Hey you guys ! I finally Got to get Stormie's Inter View
I asked her one of the questions: What is the craziest feud you have seen at woozworld?
She replied: The glitz thing.

Wow And I just found out from Another blogger (earlier) That they are back together :)
Well We will find out When I ask AgentBlue10 derp.
Dont forget to SuBscirbe Fiery-NeWw

This is StormieSkyes InterView If you can not watch it Please comment i will try to fix it :)


Woozin Glitch

I love this glitch <3 xD
And please ignore the... asian girl ad X) Doe #modelmaterial

Sunset916- Exposed

So... i know there has always been a rivalry amost Lat and the Duckie team with Sunset. I've always kinda disliked the duckie team xD We all know sunset is famous, but no one says "Im famous" But sunset totally did anyways. ._.

Hm... :I

-Fashy Wooz (fashiongirl721)

Agent and Glitz

HELLO c; It's Emily xD SO AGENTBLUE10 AND GLITZ7 ARE BCK TOGETHER???? Wow. So much for hating each other. I'm actually quite surprised their relationship managed to be reunited. CHEERS, EMZ

10,000 VIEWS + Contest!!



A side note from Star;

As a quick thank you to all our readers, I'll be hosting a small competition. All you have to do, is post on my wall 'Woozworld Enchanted Mile Stone', and you'll be in the draw to win. The winner will be chosen randomly, using a generator. The prize is yet to be decided and will be posted later on in the week. There are a few guidelines, and rules (below), and if they are broken, you will automatically be disqualified.

   + One entry per woozen. Please do not use your "other account".
   + Do not try to persuade me to pick you.
   + After the results come out, please don't be angry/sad/annoyed. All winners are picked randomly and have a fair chance of winning.

If any of the above rules are broken, I have the right to disqualify you from the contest. Rules and guidelines are subject to change, so keep an eye on this post.

Ummmmm, I can't really think of anything right now, so more news about this contest will be posted later in the week. Contest begins on February 1st 12:00AM Wooz Time, and ends on Febraury 14th 12:00AM Wooz Time.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Woozworlds Side ADs o.0

If You Actually Think About It Alot Of The ADs On The Side Of Woozworld Are Innapropiate o.0

InterViewer Info

Hey you guys
Sorry for another post.
But I have More interViewers
 And The InterViewer is.......
STORMIE SKYE -Engaged to LatinLover00 , wedding day is Febuary 7th.
AgentBlue10- Break Up with Glitz7
Sunset916-Married to Sabster , Owner of Sunsets Adoption Center (Highly Popular)

We may also MIGHT See LatinLover'sInterview If he Says Yes :)
We MIGHT see Glitz7's InterView If she Says Yes

So those are our Three Interviewers.
Sunsets InterView May take in Next Month.

P.S  Comment Below If you like to ask any questions


Hey I am fieryne

Wondering Who may be some woozTesters?

Here is Some.




I think The testers have an  exclamation mark in front of their name ! and Also they speak In purple .

Anyways I have requested some well Known Woozens To let me have an interview (A video Recorded one also) For all you woozens!

So The interview People I am interviewing is.....

I personally do not take sides btw You guys can Comment Below What questions you want me to ask him. Btw no personal questions its a friendly one but I guess I can take some break up questions :)

Next Month IS Sunset916
I also am going to put videos of my interviews here But if i make it to the Next Month i Will GLADLY put Sunset's Interview.
My Channel Is Fiery-Ne Ww


New Sweetz Savers Outfits!!

New Sweetz Savers outfits are now available in ShopZ!! They are adorableeeeeee c; Pic below;
Outfit reviews and more pics are to come later in the week! Keep an eye on us, for more updates c;

Monday, January 27, 2014

miWorld Week 3 Quiz Answers

so week 3 came out!! after so long!! The prize is an apron and if you're in queue and you dont want to wait/do the quiz you can just click the prize and get it!! And my tip for unitz like these is DONT CLICK THE REFRESH PAGE BUTTON WHEN YOU'RE FIRST IN QUEUE. haha but here's the answers:

Q1: What’s the name of miWorld’s app? Fill in the blank  “miWorld ______”
A: mall

Q2: True or False: You can play minigames on the app. (not the exact words because i didnt get to copy it sorry!!)
A: True

Q3: Fill in the blank  “Collect them all and build your ______”
A: mall

Q4: What is the miWorld Mall app icon’s background color?
A: red

Q5: On the Toys R Us website how many Shop Girls do they sell?
A: 2

Q6: On the Walmart website how many playsets do they sell?
A: 5

And the prize is the apron!! i dont have a photo because i forgot to take a photo :P Sorry!!
-Rawr :3

Glitz and Agentblue

Hey guys ;o

If you wanna hear the latest scoop on what actually happened with Agentblue10 and Gliz7 breakup </3 Check here (AGENTS P.O.V) : 
That was posted yesterday.
This is Glitz's P.O.V posted 4 days ago:

SO HEY GIVE ME SOME OPINION C: Comment below what you think.
-Emz <3

New Glitch

Yooooo!! Starrie here c; I've recently found a new glitch thing. It's not really a glitch, but just something really wierd. Pic below;
So, as the furniture name suggests, it's a wooden door. But, of course, it looks nothing like a door! The information thingy underneath it even says it's a door podz, but to me, it looks like a TV..

This probably isn't what you guys were hoping for, but since Woozworld has gotten pretty lazy, there's not really anything to post about. Bear with us, and once new info/stuff comes in, we'll get straight onto it! c;

Quick Fact: If an image in a blog post is too small, you can click the image, and an enlarged version pops up.



Shes been telling 'girlsrbeauitful' to die and now he isnt replying to anything. I HIGHLY doubt he is dead but SHE IS OUT OF CONTROL. Shes been saying that none of us care and she's happy he cuts.




Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To Collect Beex Easy

Hey its Lilly (rocklillymsp). I Am going to tell you 3 things to do to collect beex

1. collect bookz

2. vote unitz and woozens

3. Achievements

Update on ''Givin Beex Some Love''

Ok, so you all heard of it now right? well beex is everyone now. more ppl are doing unit eventz like: spartan ten beex, ice blocks for hundrerd beex.


Bloggers xD

Me and RawrzForever

video i made

this is a video i made of my fave stylez and its for rawrz forever 2!

Drawing of SugarWilliow

ok so im finally done the drawing i did it on paint and im not really good when im using my mouse in that case anyway here it is
sorry im not good at finding colours here is the original pic
i tried at least xD

<3 Gen

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Unikz

A new Unikz has come to town it's called a friendship balloon.....check this out
It's time to go on a ride with a brand newUnikz ! A Friend-Air Balloon Unikz that you and your BFFs can float in! This Unikz will be available for two weeks only! Get yours today as you never know what it will be worth tomorrow. 


I just love this one

New update

Ok so the new update is okay I guess....i personally love it and I personally hate i two reasons now you don't have to have wooz for a lot of things but now you have to be on a certain level and I bought the fresh face but I have to be level 30 but I'm only level 20 D: anyway I need to be voted so I can get to level 30

Editing pics

I can't wait till I start making stuff you know I will make new edits and today I'm going to draw SugarWillow who commented first so....

Sweetz outfit week review

girls outfit review:

hair: cute but the mask ruins it.

dress: cute!! i mean cute!! i would wear it any day i could, totally a good buy with your wooz.

skirt: the skirt you could wear with other outfits, its pretty cute.

shoes: cute! good buy!

Boys outfit review:

hair: nice design, the hat tops it off xD

torso: ehhh... not that good...

pants: pretty nice i say, buy it

shoes: handsome, good buy for any man xD

Remember tester is over :(

do not apply for it anymore because the event is over. But remember this too, the 25 tester have a !, in front of their username so you know who they are


hey guys!!its me again!!! I would like to introduce the new top 2 units!!! coming in at #1 is sunset adoption center!!!!coming in next is art wooz and beex!!!!!!! here is a photo.!
hey party people!! :) xd  soon we will put up week three answers to the quiz! lol so ..ya also im working on new edits and my signoff so. ill put those up sooN ;D  new furniture in woozworld :)
its miniature :D well bye for now :) -kitulo xox <3

My Family

Hai Guys (again) anyways i just wanted to show you my awesome super duper family (on woozworld) so first : my mom ilikecandyalot
then my little sister AnneHathawaycyr :
then my big sister : UNIVERSEPRINCESS
and last of all (drum roll plz) Me! xD


Omg Hai guys C: omg Jenny Wooz is interviewing John Kloepfer i suggest you go now to Jenny's reading room ;D

Friday, January 24, 2014


Ok so who likes art? Well I do and I'm drawing stuff , editing pictures and making sayings so soon I'll be posting them ;D <3 Gen

Blog Header

Quick reminder to all bloggers!! Don't forget to tak a pic of yourself for the new blog header. Put it in an album named 'For the blog' or something. Photos are dur in by 31st Jan. If there's no photo, then you won't be in it. Thanks c;

Also, bloggers on trial, please add you name as a tag/label. This will make it easier for us when we need to review your posts. c; And please delete your drafts as well, since they clutter up the dashboard.


woozworld app

as people know woozworld is making a new app! cant wait for it to come out <3 the testers say its coming out in about a month so stay tuned :D -KITULO XOXO <3


Hi Guys this is me GenevieveK X) I'm not really sure what to post about I'm just saying I'm new x) so um.... Later xD <3 Gen

black market again

since star didnt post this i shall do the honours :D (haha love you too)
there's new stuff in black market!!!! It's this Luux zombie outfit!! and i also came upon a really funny(or not funny) tag that was on the shop podz. Take a look:
XD hahahaha

Thursday, January 23, 2014

chatroll issues

Hello fans

There has been a cyberbullying thing on the chatroll on the right of our blog and we want you fans to have fun on it. so please no cussing, bullying or innapropiate things on our chat tool


''nay nay''

Ok, so alot of you now ''nay nay''. her username is actually foreverzs and she has shows called ''nay nay show'', I say she is starting trouble. She cuts people down and everything, like glitz. she is starting drama, alot of you may like her but in my choice i dont that much so ya, She's a trouble and drama maker


Updates from Kitulo

 - KITULO <3


Sooo, um there isn't really much to post about, since Rawrz and Ems already covered it. I'll be on chat around about the whole day, maybe, so if you want to talk or something, just, yeah.

   ~ Stargloss25

This doesn't really deserve a sign-off ._.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Ok, so after waiting in like for ages and seeing chuck norris i found out that the zombie legs in black market are for 1500 beex :)

but you have to be preztige level 30 to wear them sadly. I HATE YOU BEEXWORLD. And also, last time i checked black market keys are for sale again but apparently they dont work (im not sure i just heard people complaining.

Sign-Off Complete!!

Mwahahahaha!! All my hard work paid off >:D I completed my sign-off, and I'm so proud of ittttt. My first one c; Hope you guys like it!

From now on (unless I'm posting from my phone, which doesn't have this image), there won't be ' ~ Stargloss25' anymore.

Do you guys like? Gimme your opinions, and maybe next time they'll be included!!


So we have two new confirmed bloggers and one that still hasnt accepted the email... LOL but anyway here are the two new bloggers that have been posting lately:


and rocklillymsp:


The new ''BEEXWORLD''

the new update lets beex be used, they now can do stuff like...

1. buy rich things

2. buy stuff with wooz or beex


its the baddest update yet! i said yet.....
now rare stuff isnt stamped ''RARE''.
i love woozworld but look now... its beexworld


new blogger!

hi im Lilly but my woozworld user is rocklillymsp

im gonna start blogging on here so i hope u enjoy my blogs


horrible accident

my wooz got shrunk!!!!!!!!!!!! max is shrinking furniture for her!!!!! 


Woozworld is down, once again..
Let's hope they fix it up properly and it doesn't alst forever T-T

   ~ Stargloss25

For Bloggersss

This is a message to all bloggers!! I'll be making the new banner/heading for the blog, so take a picture of yourself (Don't cut off your legs or something.) and put it in an album named 'Blog Heading' or something. Due date for it is the 30th of January at 12:00pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). If it's not in by that date, then you won't be included ;o

Also, a new feature for Wooz Testers is that they're speech bubbles are a purple-ish/pink-ish color!! c;

   ~ Stargloss25

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


So i'm gonna name the new woozworld BEEXWORLD because it is. You have to be a specific level to wear the beex bought clothes and RARE TATTOS are 500 BEEX. So people who have spent like ten thousand wooz on a rare tatto can buy them for 500 freaking beex.  And i just came upon this unit that protests against the new woozworld.
It says 'i love wooz' :D hahaha isnt it cool??
Rawr <3


Hey guys. So i'm kinda upset about the woozworld update. Idk about you, but I DO NOT like it. Firstly, you cant sell anything for wooz.

Also, Shopz has upgraded:

U can buy things for beex OR wooz. U can also buy tattoos etc. Only the woozworld NEW OUTFITS cost wooz only. Its pretty cool besides the fact that wooz is worthless.

-Chatterboxemily <3

Woozworld Is Back Onlineeee!!

Woozworld's officially backkk!!! They've added awesome new features, so click here to check them outttt!!

   ~ Stargloss25
So, since Rawrz has beat me to it, the miWorld Quiz Answers are all posted c; Since I haven't been on due Woozworld being updated and blah-de-blah-de-blah, there's still no news of new outfits.

I see we have new bloggers, so keep an eye out for them c;

   ~ Stargloss25


Hey guys. So woozworld is being 'upgraded' so .. ;c no woozworld. I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SELLING MY ICEBLOCKS AND SNOWFLAKE DRESS but ... yeaaaaa.
So unfortunately we gotta find somemore entertainment, aye?


Monday, January 20, 2014

miWorld quiz Week 2 answers

so the second quiz is out!! the line to enter is really long again! i finally got in then my internet spazzed and i became freaking 30th =-= then i did the quiz and when i was gonna get the prize an 'error' occured =-= grrrr i swear woozworld hates me...
 Well here are the questions and answers:

Q1: What accessory store does Piper love?
A: Claire's

Q2: What is the name of the nail salon Piper loves getting her nails done at?

Q3: Who does Piper build, collect and design miniature miWorld boutiques with?
A: friends

Q4: Finish the miWorld tagline from there website “real world made ________”
A: mini

Q5: On the miWorld website how many pieces does the DQ miWorld toy come with?
A: 25

Q6: On the miWorld website which playset comes with cupcakes?
A: sprinkles cupcakes

and then you should be able to get the prize! :) which is a pair of skinny jeans. Here's a picture :)

hey people of woozworld!!!!!! im a new admin as you can see in the admins list!! <---- so stay tuned for new posts from new people.. -see ya later :) , kitulo xoxo <3

List of Wooztesters found so far

So here's a list of wooztesters that i've found so far :) it's their names on woozworld currently so their names could have changed.

1. TropicZ
2. Em-beta-test
3. Lily101y
4. Alec-Star
5. Brianna01
6. Mermanda
7. XxBerryBearxX
8. jamie072
9. lisandraclara
10. shelby956
11. xxxFallenAngel
12. zelda989
13. XxAngelXD
14. Cutefunnynewgirl
15. -SkylarWzwTester
16. adrianaawashere
17. agentblue10
18. alix446
19. Aspenia
20. beauty280h
21. Caceymama
22. CandieApplez
23. CuppyCakes-
24. cutedizzyway
25. cuzimcute
26: dimondka
27. ezhuZ
29. jacccylen
30. JerseyGirlTester
31. Laceyz
32. missgolden
33. Sophiecutewon
34. TiigerLilly
35. WzW-Tester-Best
36. xxZoella
37. ZoeMaclean

These are their names right now. They MAY have changed them again or something. Also, im not sure what the max number of Testers are allowed but these are the ones i've found so far. There may be repeats or something :) ALSO here's a photo of the head enlarging glitch :D

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wooz Tester Found!!

Another Wooz Tester has been revealed c; She goes by the name of jacccylen. Congratulationsss!! c; This means that there's still about 15 or so spots for Wooz Tester left!! Good luck c;

   ~ Stargloss25

Change of Plansssss

Hey guys. Woozworld hasn't released the new outfits, or the quiz yet....psh slackers. XD Sooo um, I'm still not able to post the new outfits or the Week 2 miWorld Quiz. If it comes up, like half-way through the day I'll probably end up posting about it tomorrow.

Alsooooo!!! Another Wooz Tester has been found! Her name is adrianaawashere. Congratulations, girly!! c; Good luck to the rest of you. ;D

   ~ Stargloss25


hey guys its Rawr sorry i haven't posted in FOREVER but ive been away on holiday XD haha anyway a Wooztester just recently told us a bit of interesting information!! apparently on the app you can change your woozen name!!! o.o isn't that cool??  so to all those people that dont like their names you better start thinking of a new one XD haha

byeeee :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beta Tester

Another Woozworld Beta Tester found!! her name is TropicalWest!! Congratulations!! Apparently, when she was testing out the app, it glitched and now her profile picture is sideways! Hurry and take a lookkkkkk!! c;

   ~ Stargloss25

Sweetz Fashion Outfit Reviewsss!!

Starrie here again, this time with this week's outfit reviewssss c;

Unfortunately, since the outfits can only be bought in ShopZ, I have to do it one piece at a time T-T Let's get starteddddd c;

First up, will be the girl's outfit, with prices included, and then it will be the guy's outfit, with prices. Then, a little surprise..ish thing.

Sweetz Candy Mask   300 Wooz
So, it seems Woozworld's fashion team has gotten quite lazy recently. Either that, or they've run out of ideas. This hair is actually part Trackers' and part Belle Ball. Although, it doesn't look that bad, I don't really like the mask part but I like how the hair has some texture to it.

Sweetz Candy Striped Dress   650 Wooz
Again, this dress isn't an original. It looks extremely similar to the Rocker Dress, except for the pattern and detailing. This dress is really cute, and I would definitely buy it if I had the wooz. It is quite expensive, but if you can manage to find the perfect colors for it, it would definitely be worth it. I do think the bow could have been less floppy, and the bracelets more noticeable but all in all, it's a great design.

Sweetz Candy Skirt   200 Wooz
I think this skirt is really adorable and it goes quite well with a good top. If you have enough wooz, you MUST buy it. I like how the pleats are well-defined and how it's a high-waisted skirt. It does remind me of the Autumn Divine skirt that JennyWooz was wearing for the Autumn collection, but I think this one looks heaps better.

Sweetz Candy Striped Shoes   50 Wooz
These shoes are only 50 Wooz and are considerably cheaper than the rest of the outfit. I think the shoes let me down a bit, since they're quite child-ish, but I like how the pattern on them matches the dress. If it lost the strap across the top, and maybe had a bit more of a heel, I think it would have been much better.

Rate: 7/10
Overall: This outfit definitely could have gotten a high rate, but the fact that it's not very original is a huge let down. If you have the wooz, you should at least buy the skirt, since it's probably worth it. It's quite a simple outfit, if you ignore the hair and mask and gives off a girly sort of vibe.

Sweetz Candy Top Hat   300 Wooz
This hair is sooooo adorable. It pretty much looks exactly like Willy Wonka's (played by Johnny Depp), from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! If you haven't watched it, you're totally missing out. I would buy this, solely for the top hat. I think it's really captured what a top hat feels like, and if the hair underneath was a bit longer, it wouldn't look too weird if a girl wore it too.

Sweetz Candy Striped Long Jacket   375 Wooz
I quite like this coat because of the jacket. I like how it's long and it looks really warm, almost like a winter jacket. Another thing I like about it is how the chain goes onto the pants. I don't really get why it's call '"Striped" Long Jacket', because as far as I can see, there aren't any stripes. It looks quite dull as well, but with the right colors, I think it would look amazing.

Sweetz Candy Striped Pants   200 Wooz
These pants also look quite similar to another pair that are already on Woozworld. I can't quite remember what they're called, but it was also striped and flared at the bottom. I don't particularly like these pants, bu the added chain makes it look so much better. I also like how the Fashion Team have used the top and pants to piece it together.

Sweetz Candy Shiny Shoes   50 Wooz
I really think these shoes are perfect for this outfit. I don't really like them that much, probably because they're too pointy for my liking. They do look like a businessman's shoes and give the outfit some class. I find it weird how there's like a seam running through the red bit.

Rate: 8.5/10
Overall: I absolutely love love love the fact that this outfit was based off Johnny Depp's character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Although there are some things that could be improved, I think Woozworld has done a great job putting this outfit together!! I really hope that there'll be more outfits based off of popular movie or TV show characters!!

That's this week's review all finished!! And the surprise-ish thing is that I can reveal the first 3 Mobile Woozworld Beta Testers!! They are; Brianna01, Mermanda and agentblue10. So far, I've only discovered these 3, so keep your hopes up, as there are (supposedly) still 22 more Testers to choose from!! They've already received their Exclusive Tester t-shirts, and they've also had something extra added to their name!! Now, as you all know, Woozworld animators have an asterisk (*) before their name, and WoozGuides have the 'at' sign (@) before theirs. Mobile Woozworld Beta Testers are lucky enough to have the exclamation mark (!) in front of their names!! I have no idea if the t-shirts and additional name tag things are temporary or not, though. Congratulations to those that passed and good luck to those that have submitted their information!!

   ~ Stargloss25
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