Friday, January 31, 2014

Last Miworld clothing piece! Question and Answer

So this time it isnt a quiz! Piper gave it to us in Mya's birthday party! if you haven't gotten it yet here's the unit!
the name of the unit is 'Sweet Suprise' and it's owned by MaxWooz!!! The prizes are the Piper hair and when you wear the full outfit, you turn into a giant lollipop! Here's the question and answer:

Q: whats the mi worlds sweet factory unitz logo?
A: f

and you click the shopping bag to get the lollipop head!!

-Rawr :3


  1. It changed to something else.

    1. i aint anoymous but i got her answer right

  2. The Sweet Surprise unitz is gone :(

  3. Im really sorry guys but the unitz on private now :( no one can go in


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