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salenawhooz: Jennywooz is she real or not?
Answer: I really don't know so I don't think I'm in the position to say, though, Im guessing she isn't real
violetpalodio: how many is the heart i collected
Answer: You cant check but check out Rawrz post about where they are <3
aaliyah94: Can u add me plzzz?
Answer: Uh... maybe <3
Katysbackup: Can you add me plzzz??
Answer: Sure thing gal c;
Unknown: How to join your blog?
Answer: ;o To join our blog, check out our 'Join us' Page with all the details.
Fashiongirl721: Why am I so awesome?
Answer: Idk maybe it's the ego. xD
Meme: Answers to MiWorld quiz #3
Answer: You Can find the answers on the MiWorld Quiz 3 Answers post in the 'Popular Posts'

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