Thursday, January 30, 2014

Regular Day(Read to see giveaway)

Oh Well its a regular Day :O
Well Welcome  Cydnie,
Anyways, The StormieInterView Went really well. 
I have a question. Who do you guys want me to interview? If its possible also. 
I asked Ripleyw and she sadly said no :( 
Btw Here is Some facts about me.
My favorite color Is Purple.
My favorite Games are: Woozworld, Animal Jam, Chicken Smoothie and Wizard101
Also  I am  giving a giveaway. 
Just message me  Woozworld Enchanted :D And i will pick the random person out of a generator  If the person doesnt claim their prize oh well  The giveawya ends this Saturday  Lol ,Lately A lot of people Is all like "Beeex" , Well hate to break it SAVE YOUR BEEX for something actual Good. 
Also If you didn't notice , if you win clothing on the daily spin and its not your level you have to level to to get it. 
 Btw is the Rumors True that Deadmau5 is sellable? I am not sure o.o
If you want to see some Interviews and want to see them Live My unitz is  Keys To interview. 


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