Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hey I am fieryne

Wondering Who may be some woozTesters?

Here is Some.




I think The testers have an  exclamation mark in front of their name ! and Also they speak In purple .

Anyways I have requested some well Known Woozens To let me have an interview (A video Recorded one also) For all you woozens!

So The interview People I am interviewing is.....

I personally do not take sides btw You guys can Comment Below What questions you want me to ask him. Btw no personal questions its a friendly one but I guess I can take some break up questions :)

Next Month IS Sunset916
I also am going to put videos of my interviews here But if i make it to the Next Month i Will GLADLY put Sunset's Interview.
My Channel Is Fiery-Ne Ww


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