Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Ello my fantastic readers of the Enchanted Hollow,
Ikr i make too many names up xD! Anyways back to the topic. Thanks lilly for covering that also let me say something else about that that you forgot. You know how to open up a woozen's profile ? At the corner theres a symbol matching their status. Correct me if I am wrong. But this person's status is Undercover celebrity so the paper bag was made for that.
This is just a Guess ;). Also you guys I already got enough haters so Feel free to rain some more .. But i hope you guys understand. Cyberbullying is really wrong. It can actually effect someones death.. Don't do it. Cyber Bullying got me very real one time.. And you just don't want to know :I

-Fieryne :)

New WoozWorld

So as a lot of you already saw new WoozWorld is here! :)
 This is new icon for the friends tab if its green like this it mean person is online

Also you can now see how many woozens are in the Unitz.

  And when you open someones profile you see something that looks like this there is many of them not all of Woozens have the same
                                                                     So yea that is it bye bye 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter AND ETC

Hey My Watchers x),
Well there isn't much to post these days so let me get the main point written.
Remember those easter quests we had? Well they are gone. :) So if you didn't get it well just go buy them.
Anyways As i said earlier not much to post. Do you guys remember the Iluvpenguins64 and Latinlover00 feud? Well Iluvpenguins64 is really nice actually. She even has a blog Woozworld Burst :) i sent a form to try for their blog but if i get in i won't probably post there much because. I love this blog. I can't work anywhere else fully but this blog :). I just don'y why. Earlier Post by Lilly .. Well Cut them some slack. Be lucky even WOOZWORLD EXISTS! I mean seriously don't ask them more, since the people who work under their bosses probably get 60% of the money sold from the memberships. And maybe 70% from the outfits sold depending on what position. Come on.. They feed their families so be lucky and don't complain
Btw , if the changing your name rumor of the new woozworld app is true then I will change my name :).

-Yours truly

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Oh my god XD

Omg you guys..
So i was just looking on instagram right? So then i was on latinlover00 page. Remember when we had to guess when the new app is released? The first 10 gets it? Well.. He is one of the people who guessed it and got the app. Its so cool :O. It showed on his instagram page. So anyways you can change your name :O!! I really want to change mines. Hehe.
Since theres nothing much to post like Stargloss25 said earlier i guess here you go x).

Btw If you want my instagram.... I am not going to tell you unless.. When i feel like it.
I made a small drawing of stormie wooz x) , not my best since it took my 5 minutes to do it. More likely i was rushing
-Fieryne x)

Friday, April 25, 2014

New woozworld app information


   New woozworlf App

 So if you haven't heard woozworld is coming out with a new app. So far its for Apple devices only, no word about Android.
    The app is supposed to be just like woozworld but on your phone or tablet. You will be able to enjoy woozworld any where you go.
   "You will soon be able to play Woozworld anywhere on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7 or later! Enjoy the Woozworld experience when you want, where you want! Check out the blog for more details on the launch!"

       - Exact words of Jaywooz

   Devices you can play the new app on ~

- iPhone 4 & later
- iPad 2 & later
- iPad mini
- iPad Air
- iPod touch (5th generation) Get ready by downloading iOS 7 on your Apple devices.

                       ~ Therealstargirl

Thursday, April 24, 2014

*cough cough*

Okkk, hey guysssss c:

I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. I totally, completely and utterly screwed up our blog header, so for the time being, there won't be one, unless Rawrz or Chatter put it back up again TT__TT Very sad, I know. And thanks, Fiery for the welcome back XD

Well, since Fiery already posted about the new outfits, there's really not much that I can do. I'm not exactly allowed on the World at this moment, so yeahhhhh. Maybe a post on the schedule will come out soon (Hint hint, trial bloggers, this is your chance to show off your amazing ability to blog c;)

More interesting and amazing posts are soon to come!!

This is pretty late, but I hope you all had an amazing Easter and have enjoyed your holiday, hahaha. To all the Aussies and Kiwis reading this, Happy ANZAC Day!! Gimme those cookies, yeah? XD

New outfits!

Hey hey Hey!!

Welcome back stargloss ^.^. Anyways new outfits aree here! The moment i saw the hairstyle with the flowers im like Oh my god! People can do the elsa hairstyle! I liked the bow tea hair its cool ;) and adorable.
So better buy them than be sorry!


Blogger girl on trial

      Well hello there everyone!I'm LillyMillygyf call me Lilly and im new blogger on trial.

I'm very friendly person so if you want add me I will accept you talk to me I will talk to you. :)
I will post about everything 'cas I want everyone to like my blogs.I'm on WoozWorld few times a day so if you nede help just messege me or if I'm not online same I will answer as soon as I can.This is it for now I don't know what to tell you more about me.
                 I hope you had fun hanging with me I had fun hanging with you and I will see you next time bye!
                                            (Yes I'm obsessed with Youtubers )
Like my signoff? :P  (I'm still working on it)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Heyyyyy to all those woozens still reading our blog!! XD

I haven't posted here in agessssss, since I took an unannounced break from Woozworld and blogging, but I decided to give it another shot, since it had been so much funnnnnnn!! XD

There's been quite a lot of things that have happened to Woozworld, in such a short period of time! :o And our blog has also changed a lot too! I don't actually have much time to type out super long posts like I used to, since I have to hurry and finish writing my speech TT__TT

Anyways, all I really wanted to do was give you guys a heads up, that I'm back and ready for action c; Good luck to our new trial bloggers, and congrats to Cydnie for passing our trial!! XD

                                                                                                                                                 New Blogger Gurl (trial; P)

    Hey Enchanters (My name for you guys, not sure if it's my idea), I am princessmiawok, But i'd rather be called Maddie :) So any way my name Maddaline Campbell and i will be posting about Fashion, Updates, Jokes and I was thinking about opening a ADvice Column ;) All may, seem promising, but aren't. But i promise to Post twice each week! So let's get to know me a bit, hmmmm ... Well I live Paris, FRance, i have been on Wwz for about 2 years, almost: 0, More info about me is i had another account which was on Kidstudio, Then when Wwz, I made a new account which happened about 5 or 6 months after it started ;) And after that i made anew account Aka as Princessmiawok. Now let's see my fav colour is Blue and violet, my  fav Book series are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Hunger Games: p Anyway so u know evrything about me (almost). Anyway Post your comments in the chatbox, or Message me about it! Also message me for a shoutout!

I also didnt have a signoff, so used the echantee poster. And the usual blah blah about copyright and stuff like that!  And also message me for questions ! Please do! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hi again Intro, New Woozworld app also New schedule !

Heeeey My enchanted fairies :),

Immmm baaack! Well i am on trial right now but the fieryne is back on road!
So.. hmmm idk... What to say about me....
Anyways The new woozworld App is coming out! I am so so excited :D ! I really want to play woozworld on my Ipad so i don't have to be bored at parties!
Also if you are really lazy like me to read the News here is the New schedule.

On  Tuesday, April 22nd , at 7:30 PM WT (7:30 pm EST)  Star of the Week with Mya Wooz
On  Wednesday , April 23rd  at 7:30 PM WT (7:30 pm EST) Candy Dots with Jenny Wooz
On Friday, April 25th at 7:30 PM WT (7:30 PM EST)  Game Show with Max Wooz
Don’t forget to look in store for the new collections and shopz for new additions

Week’s Schedule

Schedule for April 21st -April 25th
TuesdayStar of the Week7:30 PM wooztimeMya Wooz
WednesdayCandy Dots7:30 PM wooztimeJenny Wooz
FridayGame Show 7:30 PM wooztimeMax Wooz

So.... Here you go :) 

hello there.

hey guuys :D
 Sorry i havent posted something useful in a while... HEH. but anywaay, im here to show off something amazing :') MY SIGNOFF AAAAAAAAAAAAAH -GIRLS SCREAMING- -CARS CRASHING IN THE BACKGROUNG- -GRENADES GO OFF- -WORLD WAR III STARTS- XD but anywaay... here it is:
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I worked so hard on it :') it's so beautiful.


Thursday, April 17, 2014




Friday, April 11, 2014


Well we've or ... I've changed the blog to Winter Wonderland theme just temporarily <3  I was just playing around. If you don't like it just comment or tell me or watever.


Bobblehead Bunny