Thursday, January 16, 2014

Something completely different, I hope.

This post is going to be a basic schedule of things that are happening on the blog, I'll try doing one at the start of every week. Although, it won't include anything else that just happens to happen. Anything unexpected that happens will be posted as soon as possible, which means, we may find out something on Tuesday, but it'll only be posted on Thursday. Something like that. A brief and sketchy schedule based on what will happen on Woozworld will also be posted, i.e. quiz releases, new outfit releases.

For Woozworld's schedule, click here.

Today, is Friday, so we'll be starting from Saturday.

Saturday: No scheduled posts from Star. (I don't know about the others. I probably should have warned you guys that the schedule is only on what I'll do, since I have no idea what the others have planned. They're very busy, unlike me c;) Ohhh, quiz answers MIGHT be posted.

Sunday: Sweetz Fashion outfit review.

Monday: Updates (Includes news for Woozworld Outfits and miWorld Week 2 Quiz release.) Quiz answers for this week will be posted as soon as possible, since the queue is very long. XP

Tuesday: No scheduled posts form Star.

Wednesday: No scheduled posts from Star.

Thursday: Unexpected event info and stuff like that will be posted. This week's outfit review will also be posted.

Friday: No scheduled posts from Star.

Saturday: Rinse and Repeat.

 That should be everything, and to make things clear, although it says 'No scheduled posts from Star.' There MAY be a post, depending on things that happen on Woozworld and my mood. If I happen to miss/skip a post, it will probably be posted the next day or something similar.
   ~ Stargloss25

Note: Above days/times are EST(-ish).

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