Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hehe, sorry for my little 'outburst' earlier, but if you were in my shoes you would totally understand. TT__TT

Just a quick reminder about the Woozworld Enchanted 10,000 Views Contest. Click the picture labelled 'Contest Reminders' down the right side of the blog for more information. This is also an update on the rules regarding that contest.

COMPETITION START DATE IS NOT UNTIL FEBRUARY 1st 12:00AM PST (Pasific Standard Time). ANY ENTRIES BEFORE THEN ARE NOT VALID. If you have already posted on my wall, you may remove your post and retry at a later date. ALL ENTRIES AFTER FEBRUARY 14th 12:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) ARE ALSO INVALID AND DISCOUNTED AS ELLIGIBLE ENTRIES.

Please re-read the rules and guidlines properly before entering a contest.

Prizes have not all been decided yet, but will be probably be posted tomorrow. c;


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    1. When you write your blog post, there's a side bar on the right hand side. Click into the first one that says 'Labels' and type in your name.


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