Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hey guys c; It's Starrie here, and I realise I haven't posted in forever. Blame school XD Ok, so um, I heard that one of our trial bloggers, sadly, didn't make it through D: So kitulo, if you're out there stilll reading our blog, just want to say thanks for trialing with us! You did an awesome job, but I don't think it was what the admins were looking for. XP More trial bloggers are pending, so keep an eye out for new bloggers joining the team!!

Um, and I can't seem to get this out enough, but PLEASE READ EVERYTHING WE POST THOROUGHLY. Many of you are still putting in applications to be bloggers, even though it says that we aren't accepting them at the moment.

Buttttt, anyways. Valentine's Day is coming up soon, so don't forget to buy chocolates for that special someoneeeeee c;

Also, a new competition is being hosted by Woozworld! It's based around Valentine's Day and relationships, so check it out by clicking here! Brief intro for ya, there'll be new collectibles popping up around Woozworld, and they look something like this;
Collect as many as you can, and for each one you collect, you gain 1 BFF point. For every 100 of these you collect, you get an extra 100 BFF points. On February 14th, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine will be crowned at a special event!! The top collecters are then awarded with a 1 month FREE VIP pass!! Along with 2 of their special friends!! For more info, click the link!! c;

Also, new Valentine's outfits have been released, along with new furnitures!! They look absolutely amazing, and I was SOOOOOOOO tempted to buy them, but I don't want to waste my Woooooooz D: Pics are below, and your outfit review of them, probably posted by me, will come later on in the week!!
Pics of the furniture will be posted along with the outfit reviews, or else this would be an EXTREMELY long post and I would talk on for agessssss. c; If you have enough Wooz, I would TOTALLY recommend buying these outfits. Absolutely gorgeous and you definitely won't regret it!! XD an outfit for me too, yeah? XDD Nah, jk. XD But seriously, if you do, I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU AND YOU WILL TOTALLY BE THE ENTIRE TOPIC IN MY NEXT POST!! MOOHAHAHAHAHA!! XD

There was more I wanted to talk about, but after that bit, I forgot about it. OHhhhhhHHHHHhhh. Nevermind XD I doooo remember c;

Please guys, don't forget to enter my competition. OH MY GOSH I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO POST THE PRIZES. PRIZE POST WILL OCME OUT TOMORROW. DEFINITELY. Ummm, so if you haven't checked it out, scroll down our blog, and click the picture that says 'Contest Reminders' it should be on the right hand side, or click the link here!! c;

That's all from me this time, I hope I've filled you in on what's happening on Woozworld at the moment!! c;

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