Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guess Who?? -Part One-

Heyheyheyheyheyhey!!?? Didya miss me? XD Sooooo, I'm finally back with my beloved computer c; Well....ahem....actually, I got back a couple days ago -cough-, but I was too lazy -cough cough-. Hehe. Sorry guise :3

Hmmmm. So, I'll catch you up on a couple things that happened while I was gone :D

First things first!! Clothessssss!!!!!!!!!! Ok, since Fashy already did the Candy Maker outfits from last week, I guess it's up to me to do the ones for this week. This week's outfits are called Sweetz Candy/Fashion, and pictures are below. A review will come out sometime this week. Although, Woozworld has stopped putting outfits in StoreZ for whatever reason, and you need to buy them with wooz from the ShopZ. Another marketing tactic, I guess. I should stop blabbering on and just show you dem pics.
As you can see, the guy outfit is sorta based off Willy Wonka, and I have no idea who the girl outfit is based off. Any ideas? Comment underneath! :3 Although, from the girl outfit, the hair is a mix between the Trackers and Belle Ball hairs, the dress resembles the Rocker Dress and the skirt kinda reminds me of the Autumn Divine skirt. I dunno, maybe Woozworld IS running out of ideas. This could be a great chance for all those future designers out there!! Hurry and send in your designs!! XD

Not only that, they had a competition called Candy Commotion, of course, only the rich and famous were listed as winners and stuff, but if you collected 100 candy collectibles off the ground, you received a miWorld Gumball Machine!! That was pretty epic, and I'm extremely sorry if you missed out.

This was probably ages ago, but the Click 'n Win thing has changed. Apparently, every few times you pick up a collectible, you get a free Click 'n Win, and now you can choose when you want to waste them! XD Pic below;
Plus, the Woozband have joined together to make a huge quiz, over the length of 4 weeks. As for the first week, the quiz has already been opened to the public, and from what I've heard, you can click the prize from the queue. So, I, Starrie, your one and only, (c;) have been very helpful by getting the prize and pics will be underneath. Well, might as well tell you what they are. They're a pair of miWorld shoes. Once you've completed all the quizzes, I assume they'll form an outfit. Since I also have a guy account (Shhh, I won't tell you it's name), You'll also get a pic of the guy pair. I'm also guessing that someone else (namely NOT me, another blogger) will probably post the answers to the quiz sometime this week? I dunno. It'll probably end up being me, but oh well.

I do realise, this is going to turn out to be an EXTREMELY long post, but there are more things to come, so you can take your time reading it.. -sigh- The problems of being a backlogged blogger with a deadline T-T Andddddd since I haven't received any entries for my previous comp, I still don't have a sign-off. Hmmm, I'll have to rethink it, but if you have the guts, there should be a post from about November/December(ish?) explaining contest rules and such.

This is the end of the post c; Be grateful. You have no idea how much I enjoy blabbering on to imaginary people who don't read this blog. T-T You could show some signs of life, and comment a couple of times.. I'm pretty sure you can go Anon, if that's what you're worried about.

   ~ Stargloss25

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