Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweetz Fashion Outfit Reviewsss!!

Starrie here again, this time with this week's outfit reviewssss c;

Unfortunately, since the outfits can only be bought in ShopZ, I have to do it one piece at a time T-T Let's get starteddddd c;

First up, will be the girl's outfit, with prices included, and then it will be the guy's outfit, with prices. Then, a little surprise..ish thing.

Sweetz Candy Mask   300 Wooz
So, it seems Woozworld's fashion team has gotten quite lazy recently. Either that, or they've run out of ideas. This hair is actually part Trackers' and part Belle Ball. Although, it doesn't look that bad, I don't really like the mask part but I like how the hair has some texture to it.

Sweetz Candy Striped Dress   650 Wooz
Again, this dress isn't an original. It looks extremely similar to the Rocker Dress, except for the pattern and detailing. This dress is really cute, and I would definitely buy it if I had the wooz. It is quite expensive, but if you can manage to find the perfect colors for it, it would definitely be worth it. I do think the bow could have been less floppy, and the bracelets more noticeable but all in all, it's a great design.

Sweetz Candy Skirt   200 Wooz
I think this skirt is really adorable and it goes quite well with a good top. If you have enough wooz, you MUST buy it. I like how the pleats are well-defined and how it's a high-waisted skirt. It does remind me of the Autumn Divine skirt that JennyWooz was wearing for the Autumn collection, but I think this one looks heaps better.

Sweetz Candy Striped Shoes   50 Wooz
These shoes are only 50 Wooz and are considerably cheaper than the rest of the outfit. I think the shoes let me down a bit, since they're quite child-ish, but I like how the pattern on them matches the dress. If it lost the strap across the top, and maybe had a bit more of a heel, I think it would have been much better.

Rate: 7/10
Overall: This outfit definitely could have gotten a high rate, but the fact that it's not very original is a huge let down. If you have the wooz, you should at least buy the skirt, since it's probably worth it. It's quite a simple outfit, if you ignore the hair and mask and gives off a girly sort of vibe.

Sweetz Candy Top Hat   300 Wooz
This hair is sooooo adorable. It pretty much looks exactly like Willy Wonka's (played by Johnny Depp), from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! If you haven't watched it, you're totally missing out. I would buy this, solely for the top hat. I think it's really captured what a top hat feels like, and if the hair underneath was a bit longer, it wouldn't look too weird if a girl wore it too.

Sweetz Candy Striped Long Jacket   375 Wooz
I quite like this coat because of the jacket. I like how it's long and it looks really warm, almost like a winter jacket. Another thing I like about it is how the chain goes onto the pants. I don't really get why it's call '"Striped" Long Jacket', because as far as I can see, there aren't any stripes. It looks quite dull as well, but with the right colors, I think it would look amazing.

Sweetz Candy Striped Pants   200 Wooz
These pants also look quite similar to another pair that are already on Woozworld. I can't quite remember what they're called, but it was also striped and flared at the bottom. I don't particularly like these pants, bu the added chain makes it look so much better. I also like how the Fashion Team have used the top and pants to piece it together.

Sweetz Candy Shiny Shoes   50 Wooz
I really think these shoes are perfect for this outfit. I don't really like them that much, probably because they're too pointy for my liking. They do look like a businessman's shoes and give the outfit some class. I find it weird how there's like a seam running through the red bit.

Rate: 8.5/10
Overall: I absolutely love love love the fact that this outfit was based off Johnny Depp's character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Although there are some things that could be improved, I think Woozworld has done a great job putting this outfit together!! I really hope that there'll be more outfits based off of popular movie or TV show characters!!

That's this week's review all finished!! And the surprise-ish thing is that I can reveal the first 3 Mobile Woozworld Beta Testers!! They are; Brianna01, Mermanda and agentblue10. So far, I've only discovered these 3, so keep your hopes up, as there are (supposedly) still 22 more Testers to choose from!! They've already received their Exclusive Tester t-shirts, and they've also had something extra added to their name!! Now, as you all know, Woozworld animators have an asterisk (*) before their name, and WoozGuides have the 'at' sign (@) before theirs. Mobile Woozworld Beta Testers are lucky enough to have the exclamation mark (!) in front of their names!! I have no idea if the t-shirts and additional name tag things are temporary or not, though. Congratulations to those that passed and good luck to those that have submitted their information!!

   ~ Stargloss25

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