Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring look!

So, I'm doing a spring look! I hope you enjoy, thanks guys!

Hair: Short Side Braid

Face: Manga Cat Eyes

Top: Spring HeartBreaker Sweater

Skirt: Divine Autumn Skirt

Shoes: WNS Heels.

I think these items together make a fabulous Spring look, and I hope you do too!

Cydnie, Signing out! --Cydnie

(new photo, you like it?)

Hey Enchantresses and Enchanters

We are buzzing with HAPPINESS that you guys actually view this blog. WE  KINDA NEED MORE FOLLOWERS SO PLEASE HIT THAT FOLLOW BUTTON :3 If you have any questions comment.

Clawdia Wolf TM Answers

Hey guys!!! Here are the clawdia wolf answers and questions!! And also, be sure to read the bottom for the 30 000 views milestone and how to enter ;)

Q: Clawdia Wolf is whose daughter?
A: werewolf

Q: How old is Clawdia Wolf?
A: 19

Q: What’s Clawdia Wolf’s freaky flaw?
A: chewing

Q: Clawdia Wolf prefers her shepherd’s pie without what?
A: wool

Q: What is Clawdia Wolf’s favorite activity?
A: writing

Q: Clawdia Wolf hates to lend her what to others?
A: pen

We all know the prize is a cardboard cut out of her. now for the MILESTONE COMP THING!!! Basically all you need to do is vote on the side for what prize you think would be cool for the milestone and comment on here your woozen name or message me on woozworld (RawrzForever)!!Also, the contest finishes on April 5th! so the winner will be announced on april 6th or 7th! see you guys!!


Friday, March 28, 2014



30,000 views!! WHAT??!!

I CANT BELIEVE THERE'S 30 000 VIEEWS AAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! Do you guys think we need like another contest with a prize? XD message me or something what you guys thiink (my name is RawrzForever if you didnt know) or just vote on the poll on the side :)


New Outfits

WHAT DO U THINK? <3 I love the hair ......... COmment what u think. WE WANNA HEAR FROM YOu.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Outfit reviews! :)

Hey guys! Long time no see, right? So, I'm gonna do some outfit reviews! :D I took a picture of a girl wearing the outfit, considering the picture in the store isn't full body :( I'm doing a review of the boy's too, but I couldn't find a guy who was wearing it.

oh, that's big. Hair- I kind like it, maybe lower the bump. It kinda bothers me, but that's just me.


Skirt- um there's a skirt? o_o

Shoes- I love them, I like how it wraps around the heel.

Outfit overall: 7/10

(here is part of the boy outfit )
Boy: Hair- Please, no. I don't like it, burn it with fire PLEASE

Shirt: I truthfully like it, seems like something I would wear.

pants- I kinda like them, not my favorite. '-'

Shoes- cute-ish

overall outfit: 5/10

That's all, guys! Cydnie, signing out! :D

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Old Bloggers!!

HEY GUYS!! So today I talked to one of our old bloggers! rocklillymsp :) She has a new blog now!! go check it out!! just click HERE and it'll take you to her new blog XD

-Rawr (do i need a sign off? NAAAAAH)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Elissabat TM Quiz Answers

ANOTHER OONE!!! haha by now im pretty sure we all know what the prize is... no need for me to tell you guys!! here are the questions and answers :)

Q: What is Elissabat’s favorite food?
A: Blood Oranges

Q: What color is Elissabat’s hair?
A: purple

Q: How old is Elissabat?
A: 1601 (old as hell maan XD)

Q: What part did Elissabat play in a film?
A: Dragon whisperer

Q:  Elissabat favorite activity is?
A: Acting

Q: What is Elissabat’s main freaky flaw and fear?
A:  Stage Fright

-Rawr :D

Friday, March 14, 2014

Viperine Gorgon TM Quiz Answers

HEY GUYS!! You guessed it! another quiz! What? you dont need the answers? Well here they are anyway... :( Here's the unit:
And here are the questions and answeeers:

Q: Who is Viperine Gorgon’s mother?
A: Stheno

Q: What’s Viperine favorite food?
A: Dates ( D: yuuck)

Q: What does Viperine say she loves?
A: (you XD) Makeup

Q: What is Viperine Gorgon hiding underneath her mane?
A: nest of vipers

Q: What’s Viperine Gorgon’s pet peeve?
A: cheap makeup

Q: What is Viperine’s killer style called?
A: Hippie Boho Chic

And the prize is... you guessed it! a cardboard cutout of viperine gorgon! Here's a pic of it if you didnt see it:
-RawrzForever <3

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ancient Vampire Heart Quest Places

hey guys! here are all the places for the heart quest thing! if you collect all of them you get all four hairs!

1.Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!
2. Honey Swamp TM Quiz
3. woozen quests
4. what the wooz?!
5. Park
6. Style Watch Unitz
7. asteroid
8. Fairy Chamber
9. big Woozen 2- red room
10. Woozworld Help Center
11. Max's Game show
12. spaceship
13. Venice
14. Ballroom
15. Square
16. Ivibe Centralz 1
17. Ivibe Centralz 2
18. Path
19. Mya's Fashion Studio
20. Woozguidez center
21. Star-Dome
22. Woozworld skatepark
23. Big Woozen Season 2 - Loft
24. Central Plaza
25. Stylz Shop
26. Romance at Sea
27. Ruins
28. Mausoleum
29. Movie Theater
30. Cave
31. Spider's Lair
32. Street
33. Avenue
34. Coconut Grove
35. Myas collection botique
36. Haunted house
37. Stop Bullying HQ
38. Big Woozen 2- Blue Room
39. Mya's late night show
40. Movez it

1 heart collected- Honey hair
14 hearts collected- Viperine hair
27 hearts collected- Elissabat hair
40 hearts collected- Clawdia hair


UPDATE: I know the heart from loft disappeared and if anyone knows where to find it please message me. I'll tell you guys on here if i find it!!

UPDATE 2: The heart is back in loft!!!! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Honey Swamp TM Quiz Answers

hey guys!! its that time again D: quizzes. After waiting SOOOO LONG again! I got in :D this is a pic of the unit if you dont know what the heck im talking about:

here are the questions and answers to the quiz:

Q: What is Honey Swamp’s freaky flaw?
A: perfectionist

Q: Clawdia Wolf and (blank) are pinned as friends on Honey Swamp’s profile. Who is blank?
A: viperine gorgon

Q: How old is Honey Swamp in swamp monster years?
A: 115

Q: What color are Honey Swamp’s heels on her profile?
A: pink

Q: Honey Swamp’s favorite foods are dead beans and rice and what?
A: jamboolya

Q: True or False: Honey Swamp is a pet owner?
A: false

and then you get the prize :D which is a cardboard cutout thing of honey swamp. You can see it in the photo of the unit i took above.
Rawr :D
Bobblehead Bunny