Thursday, January 16, 2014

-Part Two- Yeahhhh, I'm not putting 'Guess Who??' again, since ya'll probably know who it is.

Continuing (Did I spell that right?) from my last post. Actually, there's not much left to blog about. Although, during FreezeWorld and such, (Ya know? Between the Freeze Queen thingy, Count Von Klockz and Zeena? Yeah, that.) Zeena's team apparently won and the prize is inside that blue prize box thing in the Central Plaza. Once you click on it, the prize is Zeena's statue (Psh, show-off c;) and 4000 Beex. If you go now, there's a queue, but you can still click into the box and get your prize c;

Ohhh. And -Just-A-Girl-'s holding a Quote Contest, check it out and be sure to enter!! Contest rules and prizes and everything are on a video, which should either be on her Wallz somewhere, or go to her Youtube channel. It's the one titled as 3000 Subscribers or something. Be sure to subscribe to her for more contest c; The prizes are pretty amazing. Plusssss, if you guys could take the time to go to my albumz and WoozUp the photo in the -Just-A-Girl- Quote Contest folder? That would be veryyyyyyy much appreciated. Or, you can click into the photo on my Wallz and WoozUp. Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top? c; It would mean so much to me, and although there's no way I'm going to beat ValeriaNyanpower, it'll be nice if it at least got a little over 50 WoozUps. But, if you won't since clicking a couple of buttons tires you out, then I understand c; Also, if you could share it? That would be awesome!! :D

Since I really can't be bothered taking snapshots of stuff, I'll just leave it at that. I really wanted this to be quite a short post, but it didn't turn out very well. I only just realised this now, but from -Part One-, I didn't post that pic of the miWorld Quiz prize, did I? Oh well. You'll have to see for yourself c;

   ~ Stargloss25

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  1. Omg haha thanks for mentioning me in your blog :D I just decided to search up my wzw name and found this o_o
    aka Chihaya Ayase <-- YT account user name.


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