Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter AND ETC

Hey My Watchers x),
Well there isn't much to post these days so let me get the main point written.
Remember those easter quests we had? Well they are gone. :) So if you didn't get it well just go buy them.
Anyways As i said earlier not much to post. Do you guys remember the Iluvpenguins64 and Latinlover00 feud? Well Iluvpenguins64 is really nice actually. She even has a blog Woozworld Burst :) i sent a form to try for their blog but if i get in i won't probably post there much because. I love this blog. I can't work anywhere else fully but this blog :). I just don'y why. Earlier Post by Lilly .. Well Cut them some slack. Be lucky even WOOZWORLD EXISTS! I mean seriously don't ask them more, since the people who work under their bosses probably get 60% of the money sold from the memberships. And maybe 70% from the outfits sold depending on what position. Come on.. They feed their families so be lucky and don't complain
Btw , if the changing your name rumor of the new woozworld app is true then I will change my name :).

-Yours truly

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