Wednesday, April 23, 2014

                                                                                                                                                 New Blogger Gurl (trial; P)

    Hey Enchanters (My name for you guys, not sure if it's my idea), I am princessmiawok, But i'd rather be called Maddie :) So any way my name Maddaline Campbell and i will be posting about Fashion, Updates, Jokes and I was thinking about opening a ADvice Column ;) All may, seem promising, but aren't. But i promise to Post twice each week! So let's get to know me a bit, hmmmm ... Well I live Paris, FRance, i have been on Wwz for about 2 years, almost: 0, More info about me is i had another account which was on Kidstudio, Then when Wwz, I made a new account which happened about 5 or 6 months after it started ;) And after that i made anew account Aka as Princessmiawok. Now let's see my fav colour is Blue and violet, my  fav Book series are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Hunger Games: p Anyway so u know evrything about me (almost). Anyway Post your comments in the chatbox, or Message me about it! Also message me for a shoutout!

I also didnt have a signoff, so used the echantee poster. And the usual blah blah about copyright and stuff like that!  And also message me for questions ! Please do! 

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