Saturday, April 26, 2014

Oh my god XD

Omg you guys..
So i was just looking on instagram right? So then i was on latinlover00 page. Remember when we had to guess when the new app is released? The first 10 gets it? Well.. He is one of the people who guessed it and got the app. Its so cool :O. It showed on his instagram page. So anyways you can change your name :O!! I really want to change mines. Hehe.
Since theres nothing much to post like Stargloss25 said earlier i guess here you go x).

Btw If you want my instagram.... I am not going to tell you unless.. When i feel like it.
I made a small drawing of stormie wooz x) , not my best since it took my 5 minutes to do it. More likely i was rushing
-Fieryne x)

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