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Autumn Outfit Reviews!!

Review Time!!

Mya's 'Edgy Autumn' outfit.

Head: I really like her hair. I love the short fringe, and purple streaks. I, personally, don't like the earrings; it makes her ear look like a sunflower.

Torso: Her jumper/sweater doesn't really suit her theme of edgy. I don't like how it's a really drab gray, and how the neckline is really high. The pattern on it isn't very clear, although I love her jewellery. The necklace looks really good with the rest of her outfit, and I like how the sleeves are pulled up to show off the bracelets.

Legs: Not a big fan of this. This could have been better if she didn't have the tights underneath. The frays and worn parts of the shorts are really cool, and I like the belt around her waist.

Feet: Do these boots remind you of anything? They sort of look like Cloe's boots, don't they? The buckles on these shoes really suits the rest of her outfit. Don't really like the color of them, or the style, but they're okay, I guess.

Rate: 6.5/10
Overall: This outfit's not too bad, but I think it could have been a lot better. I would definitely buy her hair, and maybe the shorts, too. Maybe they could focus on the color a little as well; it looks a bit dark, and colorless. Mya's outfit doesn't especially suit autumn, but it could still work.

Jenny's 'Divine Autumn' outfit.

Head: I love how her hair sort of frames her face. The curls are just really gorgeous, and add something extra to it.

Torso: The blouse is really cute and the bow around the neckline is what makes this into the perfect top. I really love the pattern, and the purse on her shoulder adds femininity to the complete outfit. The belt around her waist compliments her top perfectly.

Legs: I'm not a great fan of her skirt, but it still looks really good with the rest of the outfit. It doesn't have much of a texture, but it's really cute, how it flares out.

Feet: I'm not too sure on the boots. They put me off the outfit a little bit, but it's not too bad.

Rate: 9/10
Overall: Love this outfit. Really cute and a little feminine, but still a good look. Goes with this week's theme pretty much perfectly. They should re-think  the shoes a little more, as they don't really go well with the outfit, and they look a little clumsy. Ankle boots would have suited it much better.

Jay's 'Fresh Autumn' outfit.

Head: Jay's cap is really cool. I really love how simple it is, and how it goes well with the rest of his outfit. They could have made it easier to see and recognize the 'I', though. (His cap says: BOI)

Torso: I like this jacket because of the great pattern on it. It's quite boy-ish and clean cut. It probably could have been a bit more open, to reveal more of the shirt he's wearing underneath.

Legs: His jeans are seriously awesome. I really, really like these jeans. They tuck into his boots perfectly, and outline his legs really well.

Feet: These combat boots look a little heavy, and clunky. Could make you bit clumsy! I really like his boots. I think they go well with the rest of his outfit.

Rate: 9.5/10
Overall: Great choices of clothing! Jay looks really awesome in this outfit. I could hardly find anything wrong with this outfit, although it could probably look a little more autumn-y. I would definitely buy this outfit, though.

Max's 'Flannel Autumn' outfit.

Head: Such a cute beanie! This hair is so cute, and really suits Max. Not a very big fan of the color and pattern together, but with the right colors, you could pull this off! The pom-pom at the very tip compliments it perfectly.

Torso: I love how the jacket is kind of cinched at the waist. Denim is always a good choice, and the color of his shirt underneath pretty much just screams: Autumn. The pattern on his sleeves, is a bit of a maybe, and the logo on his shirt could have been a little more noticeable. His shirt could have been a bit longer, as well.

Legs: This reminds me a bit of the previously named, 'Shredded jeans - male'. I wouldn't expect ripped jeans from Max, but they go really well with his outfit. They're basically ripped in exactly the right places. I love how the sizes of the rips vary.

Feet: Max's shoes add a bit more color to his outfit. I quite like how the pattern on them is quite faint, but still noticeable. I don't really like the ugly, black streak that stretches down it's length, or the black patch on his heels, although I understand the shoes would look worse without them.

Rate: 9/10
Overall: I really like Max's outfit. It reminds me very much of autumn, although there could have been a bit more color? Something to think on for next time. Definitely would buy this outfit. Max looks quite cute in this outfit.

That's this week's outfit review done!! At first, they might not seem like much, but upon further studying, I found that there's quite a lot to like about this collection!! A constant problem that I found, was that there probably wasn't enough color, especially after the background was put in. The exception being Jenny's outfit, but maybe that's just me.

I really enjoyed doing this week's review, and I hope to do more, as this blog progresses.

Remember this, though.

These reviews are only based on my perspective of things, and you, readers, are welcome to have your own. If you disagree with what I have said, leave a comment below, send me a message in Woozworld or email me at: Who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind after hearing what you have to say.

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