Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WoozBand Quiz Questions and Answers

Hey people :D there's ANOTHER quiz. The title's up there if you don't know what quiz. Here's a photo of the unit :
And after waiting FOREVER (hehe get that? My name's RawrsForever? Forever? no? nvm then,,,) I finally got in :D here's the questions and answers then:

Q: When was MyaWooz last seen?
A: Pajama Party

Q: Myawooz's birthday is in what month?
A: January

Q: What was the theme for JennyWooz last Birthday Party?
A: Ranch

Q: What Woozband member constructed a time machine?
A: Max

Q: Who is knowed to have great wisdom and always ready to help the Woozband?
A: Goodoldwooz

Q: What woozband member was the Dj of their own party?
A: Jay

Q: What's the name of GoodoldWooz's wife?
A: nonawooz

Q: Who is Zachwooz's ex girlfriend?
A: Jenny

Q: What's the name of Woozworld's Paparazzi?
A: woozarazzi

Q: What Breed of dog is Orson?
A: shihtzu

There's the last two pieces for the wuzzle board :D you should be getting 100 beex now. YAAAAY!
That's all from me :) stay in school kids! And dont do drugs.


  1. Fudge..when was this!? o_O I missed out on it completely and now it's a private unitz... XD


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