Monday, September 23, 2013

Beaching Quiz Questions And Answers

There's a new quiz! Here are the questions and answers for Beaching Quiz!

Q: Manatees are herbivores
A: True

Q: The movie "The Little Mermaid" was released in which year?
A: 1989

Q: What is the fastest fish in the world?
A: Sailfish

Q: Starfishes have brain.
A:  False

Q: What kind of fish is Marlin, in "Finding Nemo"?
A: Ocellaris Clownfish

Q: What is the average weight of a female Orca Wale? (in tonnes)
A: 4

Q: What's Marlin's best friend's name? (the one with a bad memory)
A: (You guys really don't know this???) Dory

Q: Hammerhead sharks range from 0.9 to __ meters long
A: 6

Q: How many tentacules has an octopus?
A: 8

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