Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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I'm back!! After what seems like ages away, I'm finally back. I've taken a look through the blog and noticed that there aren't many posts coming out, so a notice for all bloggers: PLEASE POST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Today, I'll just catch you guys up with everything that's been going on in Woozworld.

Well. good news is, the 'Woozband Quiz' unit is finally open for everyone. At the end, your prize is a wuzzle piece. Once you complete the wuzzle board, you get 100 Beex. Answers to the quiz are in the blog post before mine. Leave a comment below if you have trouble with any part of this.

New outfits are also out!! Image below;

Reviews will be in my next post, which will probably be out tomorrow or the day after..

Has anyone seen the new updates on Woozworld!? Man, they are getting pretty crazy. For those of you that haven't, Woozworld now sets a limit on the lowest price of an item. BAM!! Instantly, there will be no more frees. (NOTE: Anyone holding a 'free' event is most likely lying, as it is impossible to lower prices to zero. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

Another thing. To you eggheads that continue to look for opportunities to swear, well, sooner or later we won't be able to say anything. Not even words like 'FOOD', or 'JELLYBEAN'. Slight exaggeration, maybe? Anyway. The point is, the more you swear, or cuss, the harder it will be for us, woozens, to form proper sentences. The fact that Woozworld still lets us talk is completely beyond me. In fact, the next time you go to a unitz, stop typing for a second and watch what others are saying. I guarantee you that at least one person will start swearing. Don't always think about yourself. The world does not revolve around you.

And I cannot believe that people would stoop so low, as to call others names, or swear at them. Can you people not think of better comebacks!? Are you that brain dead that you have no better ways to outsmart your opponent!? I thought humans were better than this. No matter how you say it, even as a joke or using sarcasm; you have no way of knowing what the other person thinks. Sarcasm and jokes are hard to understand on the internet because the person you are talking to doesn't hear the tone of voice you use it in, which can then make a huge difference.

Okay, okay. You're probably all bored from my ranting, but this sort of stuff really ticks me off.

 Pyjama Party outfits are currently being sold in Shopz!! Unfortunately, Yumiika and OnlyFantasy's creation was only for a limited time, and has sold out. Fan creations by Jaki11, Pinky1432 and AsianLovey are still for sale!! I won't list the prices below, beacuse there are too many!! ;o


To: Willowkittycat
For: Becoming a WoozGuide

To: Gummibearz55
For: Becoming a WoozGuide

To: KatarinaPEACE
 For: Being Star Of The Week
To: XxXkylieXxXO-O
For: Winning Jenny's Unitz Design Contest

   ~ Stargloss25

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