Monday, September 16, 2013

Starrie's Style Section ~ New!!

So, while I was on Woozworld, I had a BRILLIANT idea. I mean, everyone wants to save their wooz, but still look stylish, right? Well, I thought about it and I've decided to create my own Trendz Tracker, but, it will be called: Starrie's Simple Stylez Section.

It will feature super cute outfits made to suit anyone's taste, but still be affordable and within your budget! I'll try post one whenever I can, and hopefully you guys will soon have an inventory full of amazingly co-ordinated clothes which are cheaper than cheap!! I'll also try to not to only do girl outfits, and add in some boy ones.

So for today, I'll give you guys the first ever Simple Styles Outfit, which I would like to call; Simplicity.

Need to Know Info:

   + Price: Unknown
   + Bargain Item   ~   (Although 'Getting Shade' is a Luxury Item)
   + Price: 89 Wooz
   + Premium Item
   + Price: 79 Wooz
   + Premium Item
   + Price: 29 Wooz
   + Choice Item

 Please take note that prices may vary slightly, depending on where and who you buy it from, and that they may have changed. Also, the hair from this outfit is, unfortunately, non-transferable, so you will not be able to buy it from someone's shop, but only from someone that's wearing it.

If there's any problems or questions, leave a comment below or send me a message 'In World'.

   ~ Stargloss25

Note: I'll try my very best to do a Simple Stylez Section every two or three weeks, but there'll be no promises.

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