Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fashion Forever- 

The new outfits are designed by the fans! I think Woozworld is running out of ideas, but the outfits are still fabulous. But now, everything is in StoreZ! Obviously they are desperate for money. By the way, the beach outfits are in ShopZ for a limited time ONLY. If your a VIP, have you visited ZeChic yet? The new outfits are on sale 20% off there! 

I can hardly believe it! Woozworld is being hacked. Like the Bratz clothes, they were in StoreZ, until they got hacked and become very mainstream. Now the colorable ones are only for sale for about 50 wooz. The ANIMATORS and MODS need to do something! Oh well, worry less and enjoy :)

-Fashy <3

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