Friday, May 23, 2014

Zhacked Items (Beware)

Hey everyone,
You might see a lot of pixel hair styles or the Fanctea dress! Beware a lot of them are zhacked because i don't remember theres a lot bought. Also Subster (Sunset's beloved husband) got banned for two weeks because he DID NOT know it was hacked and sold a little. BEWARE! Btw , if you aren't banned consider your self lucky!

-Xoxo Fieryne


  1. Can u explain what zhacked means? i still dont get it :c

  2. its an
    item that is hacked

  3. how do you know if a item is zhacked

    1. when it doesnt appear in ur inventory

  4. yeah i keep hearing that now. what exactly does it mean that it's hacked?

  5. hacked?? Does that mean someone duplicated it?? Illegal? ?????

  6. I am not entirely sure the circumstances of a hacked item. It'd be nice to know so I could avoid purchasing or being in the possession of a hacked item.

  7. How to entirely know,if it is hacked or maybe it's not,I am considering myself lucky,or,maybe my pixel is not hacked,OH MY GOD!!!sp much of confusion who can clear it out for me? :( by the way, add me:emmaplayssb ;).

  8. PLS answer:
    can we sell zhacked items?
    what if we dont know that the items we sell is zhacked. do weget banned?

  9. i have fashionista rocker hair and every ones saying noo its zhacked its black an white one and im like its not but how canu tell if its zhacked


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