Saturday, May 10, 2014

Interview with Canadianz !    

Hey guys  ! Me here again , If your wondering 2 posts in one  day , Lemme get this clear my last post was supposed to be out 3 days ago  , unfortunately something glitched and now it got posted  ! So today topic : Candianz interview and glitz7  , i am not a hater ! Nor a lover xD First the interview   with Canadianz the big woozen 2 winner                                                                                                                                                                                                        Me : Hi canadianz ?! Ready for the interview ?                           
Canny : Yeah xD
Me : What is your most unforgettable moment on woozworld ? 
Canny : xD  This one is easy , Big woozen 
Me: xD If you could spend a day with any Woozen who would it be ?
Canny : Pearlsnow 
Me : xD Then favourite woozguide ?
Canny : Drakepuz and caceymamma :P 
Me:  Thanks for the interview canny ! Anything to say to your fans ? 
Canny : Idk , im not used to this ! Anyway thanks for voting me , Without your votes i wouldnt be this famous or known on wwz ! 

Thanks for the kind words Canny , now on Woozen Quests a drama was going on between , Caceymamma , glitz7 and armiinn here's the video after this watch . So in this video i recorded in woozen quests while being on queue , glitzy came then was attacked as usaully xD , so then she asked casey for help , but the attacker was Casey's friend !  So this dosent show it i was too late to open it , then armin asked for apologies  !  You crazy boy ? anyway at the end glitz started on him , she told him that he first makes video's then apolgy then again videos ! So anyway armiin got made and became as back to normal , in the video it shows Cacey flps out and goes away ! Next moment drake shows up and does usual  ! Anyway bye guys watch the video   , Song of the day  ! And quote 

I dont trust easily , so when i trust you dont make me regret it - Princessmiawok

So watch the video and music same time xDhere it is !!

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