Saturday, May 3, 2014

                                  -Insert Witty Title Here -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Hey Enchanted ! Sorry i haven posted in such a long time ;'C - Tear eyed - . Anyway , where was i ? Yes my excuse , and boy do i have a good one ! The reason for not posting is 1. I'm too lazy. That's the reason i didn't post . So now that i have caught up on everything going around , let me start 1-   SPRING CLEARANCE !!!!!                      Mya posted about a Spring Clearance , and if you don't know what that is , it's your last chance to buy the spring outfits , before there gone POOF    !!  So if you want 2x for girls or boys USD 19.99 and for  one          and for single  9.99 Usd  , and i dont enough pocket money to buy it ! ( I spendid it all on Cher Lloyd 'new album " Sorry I'm Late " )          

And that's not all it's time for inner of side of Woozworld , Wzwavrillavigine is quitting Woozworld ! And if you dont know who she is , she is pretty nice , and one of my Friends !           

         That's all guys see you guys next time and time for shoutouts : 

A shoutout to Wzwavrillavigne , and thanks for you message -Jaylin- .

I give shoutouts to random people , For any ideas or anything random message me at!profile/Princessmiawok  

New Signature ! 
  Sorry if it's bad !


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  1. Love you and your stuff please please add me sent you request !


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