Friday, May 23, 2014

                             New fashion lineby - Princessmiawok

Hey guys! Princessmiawok here, Guess what? I made my one fashion line, So get this i recently got into an Sparkle fashion studio, Anyway me and my friend found new outfits, so here they are 

So the first one, third one, sixth one and fourth one are made by me :: OI still cnat get to belive it: I: O: II love skittles!!! Anyway the others were made by my friends and i posted them here too so here are the Names and lists, So you see some might be missing because they had to go and i was to lazy to find there names: I  

Black one - Totally Dime
Hair summer cmap smartie 
Top-Diamond crop tee 
Legs-Adventure shorts for her
Feet-Yeti boots 

Yellow one- ( not mine didnt name it ) 
Hair - STylish ballerina hair 
Top-skater letaher top 
Legs-Classic minishorts 
Feet - Leopard skater shoes 

Purple one- Old's not odd ( omg such a bad namer not naming anymore ) 
 Bowtea hair
Spar top
Spar jeans
Cloe's in the wild boots 

Another black one 2 -
Ms romance hair 
SPar cardigan
Punk rocker jeans
Gold studded heels

Green one - 
Hollyxooz hair
Diamond crop tee
Zombie legs

missed too 

BOy 1 
Hollyxooz visor hair
Black cactus spikes 
Hollyxooz jeans
Hollywooz Sneakers

Anyway here's some info about me 
B-day : Third of Jan 
Age: 15 
Eye-collour - Green
Hair colour - REd head (imma clown green and red: O)
Joke about me - Who said stop ? She did ( me ) Who said go ? she did ! Did i ask you ?!@?!?
Me - **** you -.- 
Whaat annoys me most - When my friends wave up my hair saying " See this it means stop !!!!! "
Favoite book - Hunger games
Colour - Purple
Actual name - Maddaline Jonsuella Campbell Aka Maddikins or Maddie xD 
Fav hobby - Writing and Swimming 

So guys that's a good bye quote and signoff - 

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.


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