Saturday, May 3, 2014


    Hey woozens!
            There is really not much to post about right now... Jenny's birthday party was last night { May, 2 2014 }.
     I am sorry I have not been posting much, my exams are next week and I have been studying really hard.Since there is not much to post about, I am going to give a little about me.
    Social Media ~ None

    Favorite book ~ Scorpio Races ~ Maggie Stiefavtor

   Favorite movie ~ Disney's Robin Hood
   Favorite season ~ All but winter

   Favorite sport ~ Dance/ Volleyball
   Any Previous accounts on woozworld ~ Yes

   Favorite game ~ Air Hockey

   Favorite TV show ~ Bob's Burgers
   Photo Editor ~ Pixlr Express

   Favorite Subject (s) in School ~ ELA, History and Music

   Instrument I play ~ Piano

  Favorite app ~ Subway Surfers

* Leave your questions in the comments and I will be happy to answer them :) *
       ~ Therealstargirl

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