Saturday, March 29, 2014

Clawdia Wolf TM Answers

Hey guys!!! Here are the clawdia wolf answers and questions!! And also, be sure to read the bottom for the 30 000 views milestone and how to enter ;)

Q: Clawdia Wolf is whose daughter?
A: werewolf

Q: How old is Clawdia Wolf?
A: 19

Q: What’s Clawdia Wolf’s freaky flaw?
A: chewing

Q: Clawdia Wolf prefers her shepherd’s pie without what?
A: wool

Q: What is Clawdia Wolf’s favorite activity?
A: writing

Q: Clawdia Wolf hates to lend her what to others?
A: pen

We all know the prize is a cardboard cut out of her. now for the MILESTONE COMP THING!!! Basically all you need to do is vote on the side for what prize you think would be cool for the milestone and comment on here your woozen name or message me on woozworld (RawrzForever)!!Also, the contest finishes on April 5th! so the winner will be announced on april 6th or 7th! see you guys!!



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