Friday, February 7, 2014

Omg o-0

Hey! Cydnie, signing in! :) I'm so sorry I haven't posted! D: I feel terrible! Mainly because i'm a reallllyy good procrastinator. Anyways, let's get up on the woozworld news? So..Glitz and Armiin are officially a thing! Dating, and I think there adorable, just saying. Also, wooztesters are on the subjects too! They now have the title  of animator, if your a wooz tester (or animator xD) Congrats! :D I'm also probably a little late for this one, but Lat (latinlover00) now has a app! For legal issues, I suggest you download it on itunes/your app store. It's called Ducky App or something like that?

    So, who just loves the new valentine sets? I sure do. A outfit review for the coming soon too! Congrats to Liv and Jessy!  And this award goes to..: Firefan11! congrats girl! :3

Bye! Cydnie, signing out. 

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