Friday, February 7, 2014

Newsssssssss ;o

Bad news, and good news!! Which one do ya want first? XD

Bad news, keep reading. Good news, scroll downnnnnnnnnn c;


Unfortunately, we've had to turn away 3 of our trial bloggers D: Thank you to rocklillymsp, GenevieveK and Fieryne :o

Lilly, thanks for updating our blog readers with new info!! I liked your posts and I really hope you find a good blog to join!! Unfortunately, you just weren't what we were looking for, I guess D:

Gen, again, thanks for keeping our readers update with Woozworld!! Good luck with finding a great blog to join. I know there are many Woozworld blogs out there! c;

Fiery, your posts were amazing and your sign-off is EPIC!! Teach me sometime, yeah? XDDD I'm sorry to see you go, but I hope you've had a great time blogger for Enchanted!!

To all of you, I hope you've had fun posting for us, and you'll continue to read Woozworld Enchanted. No hard feelings, yeah? c; You guys are all such amazing bloggers, but just not what we were looking for D:

Good luck ot Cydnie!! I wish you all the best to making it to be an official blogger for Woozworld Enchanted!! Halfway through your trial already! XD

So far, I haven't heard anything about accepting more trial bloggers, but I'll keep you filled in!!


Prizes for the '10,000 Views Contest' have been decided!! Also, since we'll be reaching 20,000 views in about a week or so, keep your eyes on our blog for another competition!! Prize list will be posted in my next post, which will practically be right after this one. I'm doing it that way, since if I did it in the same post, it would be sssssssooooooooooo longggggggg XDD

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  1. Oh okay :) I am fine with that just have to find another blog to work for then


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