Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Outfitsss!!

Blog readers!! It's your beloved Starrie here, again. Today will be the review on Mya's new 'Fashionista' Outfits. It's going to be quite a short one, compared to the Autumn collection, but I do hope that you take the time to read it and voice your won opinion as well. Prices will also be listed, with a link to the Woozworld Store. Before we get into that, Woozworld has yet another event; 'TileMania'!! Further information can be found by clicking here. The main idea of it is basically to place as many prom tiles into your unitz as possible. We're aiming for 3,000,000+ (that's 3 million) by November 31st. For every million placed inside a unitz, a surpirse 'gift' will be placed in the Central Plaza. So far, this is how it looks;

Back onto today's post's topic. Mya's 'Fashion Studio Line'!! Pictures, prices and reviews are listed below;

 Fashionista Rocker Outfit: 2.99 USD

Head: I really like this hair, because it looks like there's a quite a lot of texture and the bow adds a nice finish to it. The earrings don't really fit in, though.

Torso: I would totally recommend buying the top and jacket. I love the style of it and it goes with the hair pretty much perfectly. The detail and attention to accessories makes it really awesome, and if you're sort of into a tomboy-ish look, then this is your top.

Legs: The style of this skirt is quite cute and girly. I love how it has a layered look to it, but I don't think it goes that well with the rest outfit, mainly because it's too long. It could have maybe had a ribbon or something on it, as it looks quite plain, with it being just one colour.

Feet: The heels in this outfit are quite pretty, but they're not really ny sort of style. The lace pattern on it is actually really detailed, and adds something extra to it. They do look quite chunky though, and seem really big and awkward.

Rate: 8/10
Overall: This outfit has been put together fantastically, and I would definitely buy this outfit, if I could (too poor T-T). I love how the Woozworld Fashion Team has paid so much attention to detail, and it really just brings something extra to the entire outfit. I've noticed how the design of the background and everything has changed, and to be honest, I prefer it this way. Another added bonus is the extra fashion mannequin. I'm not sure if it's included in the purchase, or if it's just for show, but it seems pretty awesome that it may be included.

Fashionisto Bel Air Outfit: 2.99 USD

Head: Not a very big fan of this hairstyle. I don't really like how it looks kind of like a box/square thing, although you can't really say it looks really ugly. Sitting on the fence for this one.

Torso: Again, this isn't really my style, but then again, it is a guy's outfit. I do love the attention to detail along the collar and sleeves. The colour combinations go really well with each other, so if any guys are out there, you should consider spending some money on this, if you're allowed to!! c;

Legs: The jeans are quite cool, and retro. I like how the two colours blend into each other, although I think it could have been done a bit better, if possible. Don't like how they flare out a little, although that was probably the style back then.

Feet: I love how these shoes are really colourful. They bring quite a lot of colour into this outfit, although it does look like you're wearing socks and sandals, if you look quite closely. That might just be me though. c; Again, lots of attention to detail.

Rate: 6.5/10
Overall: I like this outfit as a whole, but if stripped down to just one article of clothing, then it gets a bit iffy. One thing I really love is how this outfit was based off Will Smith from 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'. If you guys haven't watched that, you really don't know what you're missing out on!! Absolutely hilarious. Again, lots of attention has been paid on detail, and another fashion mannequin. Just as a tip, these mannequins are interactive, much like the ones currently situated in 'Mya's Fashion Studio', so I reckon they're pretty much worth the money. Also, as I mentioned with the 'Fashionista Rocker Outfit', the background and part of the layout has changed. Not sure if this is permanent, but I prefer it this way.

So, that has been this week's 'Outfit Review', with your perfect moo-potato, Starrie!! c; Hope you enjoyed it!! But don't leave yet!! A few other posts will be put up later, to track 'TileMania', so keep an eye on us!! Plus, more pictures of the rest of the 'Fashion Studio Line' will be posted right after this.

   ~ Stargloss25

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