Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Updates!!

It's me, Starrie, here again, guys. c; I know I didn't post anything yesterday, and unfortunately, I won't be posting anything until after Wednesday. More info on why will be later on in this post. Today, I'll just quickly catch you up on some things that have happened over these past couple of days.

For those of you that don't already know, Woozworld is yet holding another competition!! This time, it's up to us, woozens, to send MaxWooz our fan art of him, for his upcoming birthday! More detailed information can be found by clicking here. The due date for this is November 22nd, so hurry and send in your entries!!

Also, new Movez have been released, related to this week's hobby!! Further info can be found by clicking here.

In addition to all that, here's the schedule for November 11th - 15th. I do realize that this has been posted VERY late, so I'm sorry for that;

If the image is too small, you can click into it, and an enlarged version should pop up.

Plus, here's another update on how TileMania is going. I'm not sure if it has stopped, since the end date for it was quite short;

Whew. Today's post was a bit rushed, and here I'll be giving you all some answers. So, I just found out today, that our exams still aren't over yet!! Well, it is for the rest of my class. I've been selected, amongest some others, to participate in our Junior P.E. Exams. Man, oh, man. The top two boys and top two girls are selected from each class to go, and after my friend ditches me, I'm stuck with two guys that I hardly talk to, a whole bunch of other people I hardly know, and a giant mess in my hands.  I'll be taking a few days of blogging, and the internet (sad, I know T^T), so I can train for it and get my fitness back c; I know I've been away a lot these past few weeks, but I imagine you guys can live without me for a few more days c; Wish me luck, and hopefully, I'll see on the other side!!

   ~ Stargloss25

Note: Reminder about the Sign-Off Competition. For every idea that you guys send in, and I then edit into my NEW sign-off, 10 to 20 wooz will be awarded to the woozen, depending on how fabulous their idea is.

Extra Note: As I wasn't able to post today's Unbelievable Unitz and Super-Saver Shops, this will be postponed to a later date. The new date will be announced on Wednesday, or the first day I come back to blogging, after the P.E. exam.

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