Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lots of postsssssss XD

Lots and lots of posts today. Sorry guys, if I'm annoying you, but I just wanna keep you guys up to date with what's going on!! XD

Update 1: The Woozworld Team have added some updates to voting, and now, you can earn a bit more wooz and beex through voting!! Energy is also restored much faster, for VIP's. For mroe information and to read the article yourself, click here.

Update 2: In addition to the first update, there are also new furnitures, that you can buy for beex!! They look absolutely fabulous, and are also luxury items!! Pictures, prices and names of the furniture are featured below (listed left to right);

Waterfall: 1500 Beex

Diamond Loo: 2000 Beex

Vanity Set: 475 Beex

Update 3: Ok, so this was probably ages ago, but, there are new clothes in Shopz!! They include some that previously had to be bought with real money. Pictures are featured below, with prices and the names of the clothing (listed left to right, top to bottom);

Prom Glamz Dress: 650 Wooz

Ballerina Dress: 650 Wooz

Country Boy Beard: 450 Wooz

Flannel Autumn Hair: 450 Wooz

Music Star Ponytail: 450 Wooz

Sir Knight's Curls: 450 Wooz

Glamz Prom Hair (Hers): 450 Wooz

Glamz Prom Hair (His): 450 Wooz

Rocker Shades: 450 Wooz

Bubblegum POP Hat: 450 Wooz

Spartan Hair: 450 Wooz

King of POP Jacket: 375 Wooz

Punk Rocker Stud Jacket: 375 Wooz

Tribal Tiger Bandana: 331 Wooz

Mr. Swag Cap: 300 Wooz

Blossom Beauty Hair: 300 Wooz

Hip Hottie Hair: 300 Wooz

Mr. Swag Jacket: 245 Wooz

Flannel Autumn Jacket: 245 Wooz

Flannel Autumn Jeans: 200 Wooz

Mr. Swag Pants: 126 Wooz

Peacock Heels: 100 Wooz

Ballerina Heels: 50 Wooz

Flannel Autumn Shoes: 50 Wooz

So, that's all there's going to be, for today. Thanks for enduring my non-stop blabbering and super long posts!! XD Tune in tomorrow, or the day after, for more updates and posts by me!! Hope you guys can forgive me for posting such long posts. c;

   ~ Stargloss25

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