Friday, June 13, 2014

-Supermantt-And Updates

Hi Guys, Princess here (aka Maddy, But now that no one calls me Maddy its Princess xD), I'm so sorry i havent been posting for a while, Anyway it's! Wednesday so from now on wards Wednesday will be known as _Quotes_Wednesday xDD Anyway! Guess what i finally got a Twitter account! It's @ Maddywoozworld, Please, please follow me xD, like I'm on my feet and begging. So up it-Supermantt-(Now i don't really care that he is reading), Now has really been bullying, I would go on with proof, But ask anyone on Woozen Quests (I've been there alot now) and you would get all the proof you need, Plus GodOfFire, Now it's differrent in this case, he is a hacker, if you check his Status (the one after your name for mine Contaminated Celeb) it's blank.Now he was bullying, and exact words "You wait, my moderator woozen in just in the queue". Now you ask, Why am i posting this? Because i have just just about enough with bullies, Glitz7, GodOfFire,-Supermantt-!  You take our money and let us get bullied, And if the number of reports against Glitz7 was combined it woudlnt be countable ...

Anyway that's all Quote - Dear Maths, I'm Tried Of Solving Problems For You , Do Them Yourself.

 Twitter@ Maddywoozworld


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