Friday, June 13, 2014

Updates (long post)

Anyways ,
Its been a long time I wrote a post. So lets head to the updates.  B-You-TY (insert face palm 100x),  First Totally spies, then Light Sprites, Then Bratz, Monster High and now this? =.= Woozworld Step up yo game! I am sort of tired of all these companies..  D: I mean really? Its not going to help get you any more money though..   Also I hate the freaking pricing for the new world cup- Sorry i mean't woozcup ( i guess you probably guessed i did that on Purpose XD) Items. Seriously $6.99 for each pack? I want the t-shirt not the other items =.=.   Also Who are YOU rooting for the world cup? Btw great news! Mexico won against Cameroon 1-0.  For group A. For group b Spain Vs Netherlands 1-5 (All full time) If you want more info go to So today this  kid in my Homeroom is all like , "Messi keeps moving teams.." =.= Dear Classmate Know ur facts right Messi plays for FC Barcelona or AKA Argentina. (insert crazy screaming)-
-Xoxo Fieryne

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  1. Yeah, I'm glad you think the same thing about the t-shirts! I AM NOT ALONE! :D


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