Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The So - Called ULTIMATE  Unitz Challenge 

Psh , Psh ! Hey guys , the Ultimate Unitz Design Challenge gurlfriends :D Get your wooz out :P So here is the actual post if you have not read it , or too lazy too open - read - and close again !!?!?!??! 

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Are you READY for the biggest, baddest, most ULTIMATE Unitz Design Challenge we have EVER had? Read on if you think you have the power.
We want you to design the Ultimate HollyXooz Unitz, by creating an amazing futuristic space! Use the brand newMobile Rooftop Unitz in the “Special” section of Shopz and the HollyXooz furni to create the perfect HollyXoozian Rooftop Party! Once you’re happy with your design (and only when you’re finished), submit it in Eva’s Unitz by opening the Yellow Enlist Podz. But why you ask?
YOUR Unitz or YOUR Woozen can be featured on the Woozworld App login screen & in the WoozNewz! You might become Woozworld’s BIGGEST, most POPULAR star ever! Can you imagine all the consequences? New friends, new fans, the sky is the limit!
There will be 3 finalists in all of Woozworld; one from our community (English), one from the French community and one from the Brazilian community. The 3 finalist’s avatars will be showcased on the Woozworld App login screen butYOU choose who’s Unitz will be there.
But that’s not all… The winner in our community will be co-hosting the Ultimate Woozworld App party on June 6th at 6:30 PM. All the Woozband will be there and it’s an Eventz open to all of you (on the web and in mobile). Which means… wherever you are, you can’t miss it! 
The winner will be announced on Thursday, June 5th, on the Hot Topicz. We can’t wait to see what you create!
Happy Decorating, Woozens!
The Woozband

So that was it , So getting featured on the new app = Everlasting fame :D You would probably be the new Asianlovey , Nikki-ashley :D :D :D Dont forget you only have till June 5th , and today it's 4th June , xD I'm so Late right ? Anyway , that's all sorry , byee

Copyright junk and stuff , bye

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