Saturday, August 24, 2013

Info On Star ;D

Well, as promised, here's some info on me.

+ I do not currently live in America..and that is all I have to say on that subject.
+ I despise people that are unneccessarily rude.
+ My favorite color is actually white, even if many of you say that's not a color at all. It's closely followed by black, red, pastels, and gold.
+ I don't own a pet. Although if I could, I would want a cat and a dog. ;D
+ On Woozworld, I am currently single, and unfortunately, I'm single IRL as well..
+ My favorite food would definitely have to be pasta, or pizza. But fish and chips is fine with me..
+ I like playing netball, and soccer, even if I suck at it, and I like singing..even if I sound like a dying cat.
+ I'm also a HUGE fan of crime and mystery novels. I love reading them, with all the suspence and everything.
+ I am a hopeless romantic.
+ My lucky number is7, or 3.

And, a bonus:

+ I think that now, Woozworld is basically just a place to vent your feelings on. Every single wallz you see is now plastered with hate, depression, lies, threats, and even death. I thought Woozworld was supposed to be a fun place to hang out, where you get to dress up your avatar, make new friends or keep in touch with old ones, and basically just have fun. But knowing that others are creating false feelings of sympathy totally ruins it for me.

Well, that's all from me this time.
   ~ Stargloss25

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